Like Maple

Maple tree grows in forest areas and acidic soils and it is especially found in Northern forests of Iran. In some species of this tree, there are a great amount of sugar content and is recognized as broad leaf trees with industrial and ornamental wood. Afrasan just like Maple, possesses  a combination of technology, industry and beauty. with this combination, we aim to make a different presentation.

More About

Afrasun E-Commerce is a newly established company that began its activities in 2014, in collaboration with a group of computer experts entitled “Afra Services Network” to provide network and hardware services and after three years of activity and with respect to its perspectives, in autumn 2017, it changed its name to “Afrasan E-Commerce” and has added activities in software and cloud services to its services. Now, by relying on our technical and experimental expertise, we will provide you high quality services.



Passive & Server Room
Switching, Routing
Server, Storage
IP Telephony
Desktop, Office Equip.

Services & Software

Operating System
Network Services
Backup & Support
Security & Firewall
Anti Virus

Internet Portals

Operating System
Speciality Portal
Office Automation
Mobile Apps
Cloud Storages

Purchase Engineering

Active & Passive Equip.
Hardware Firewalls
Personal Computers
Software Licenses



Guidance and exchange of correct information and useful experience which leads to a correct transfer of information to the client to let the individual or the firm to be provided with responses to their doubts.


After the consultancy, defining tools, material and the proper work approach, the design team provide the preliminary design based on the demands and preferences of the client and will provide the final design afterwards.


Step by step implementation of project by considering the stage priorities and executive guidelines such as technical staff, proper tool, accurate and feasible time scheduling according to the documents and design documentations.


After sales service is a part of Afrasun services which is generally provided after the execution of the project and the technical support consists of services that is carried out based on the request from the client and in dual agreement.


MANN Filter(GmbH)

All the work challenges are solvable by Afrasun

Dorsea Energy

We appreciate the high quality services of Afrasun Company

Arvandan Co

The Technical Knowledge of the Personnel of Afrasun is Appreciable